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Is the online course you've created good enough to go live?

Are you worried about grammar, formatting or tech errors?

The ON COURSE Quality Checklist means I find the errors in your course before your students do!

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You've created an online course, well done! But are you quietly worried that people won't think it's good enough?

You know there's an audience for your course, but will they seek you out? What makes your course stand out from the rest?

Is your text polished for clarity, logic and flow? Is the grammar perfect and word choice optimal?

You've come this far, it's just one more step to greatness.

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"Hi, I'm Sharon. I created ON COURSE to fill the need for high-quality online course reviews. I've been helping clever people create exceptional training courses for years and I'd love to help you."

Imagine if you had an editor and educator on hand to give you feedback on your course?

What if you had an editorial specialist to eliminate typos and fix punctuation errors?

Or a friendly expert to check consistency, repetition and copyright issues?

It's so much closer than you think.

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The ON COURSE Quality Checklist works!

I've dug deep into more than a decade of editorial experience to create the ON COURSE Quality Checklist. That's thousands of online courses!

If you've built an online course, you'll know all about the moving parts that need to be aligned.

Every component is intrinsically linked onscreen, and errors and inconsistencies can't be unseen once they're spotted.

My checklist method ensures every category of error is identified and corrected with notations for you to read later. That's peace of mind!

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Word choice consistency
Punctuation list structure
Tone grammar

What does the ON COURSE Quality Checklist include?

Following is a summary of the main points of the ON COURSE Quality Checklist.

Each category consists of a number of subcategories (not listed) that make up a broad in-depth examination of your course.

Editing and proofreading

Editing and proofreading are two different processes. 

A copyedit will focus on both the big picture and the small details. It ensures the text flows, is consistent, cohesive and complete. 

When performing a copyedit I will also check for factual accuracy, copyright issues and potential legal liability and will alert you if I find anything concerning.

Proofreading is the final stage of the editorial process. Generally, it’s done right before publishing to pick up small errors that have been missed or inserted after the copyedit.

Many people confuse these two processes. For clarity, ON COURSE consists of a single intensive copyedit.


I’ll check that the design of the pages doesn’t interfere with the intention of your content.

Layout and formatting should be consistent and this includes checking the heading hierarchy, list structures, image positioning and text uniformity.

I’ll adjust formatting, but never interfere with the design because that’s the role of the designer.

However, I will leave instructions about any issues for the designer to action if possible.


I’ll read your course from beginning to end for sense, logic and cohesion.

 Lack of engagement is one of the main reasons people drop out of online courses. 

To create engagement, you do two things:

  1. Create emotional connection to the content.
  2. Demonstrate that you care about the progress and success of all students.

I’ll let you know how you’re going with this and provide suggestions if needed.


I check everything that moves!

All links to see if they work and open in a new window.

All downloadables to see if they download, open and save.

Embedded videos, along with sound, pause and rewind functions. 

Optimal display and functionability on all major platforms and devices.

Any icons that link to social media platforms.

Disclaimers, Privacy Policies, and Terms and Conditions to ensure they open and are complete.


Using other people’s content (intellectual property) such as images, graphics and text can get you into legal trouble if you don’t ask their permission – especially if you’re using it for commercial gain.

It’s generally okay to quote somebody’s writing, providing it’s not too long and you properly acknowledge the owner of the writing.

But how much text can you quote without breaching copyright?  

I can help you understand copyright and what you can and can’t do. If you need to use third-party content then I can show you how to locate the copyright owner and seek their permission.

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