Where do you shop for your business photos?

I work as an editor and writer, but you may not know that I’m also a stock photographer for two international image libraries. 

I’m sometimes asked to supply images for clients, but I don’t take commissions or do photoshoots.

I work exclusively for Getty Images and Arcangel Images.

The thing is, when you understand photography you know how to select the best images for a client’s project.

I also have expertise in the technical requirements of imagery, and this means I can align the text with the image appropriately, and also fit the text on the page perfectly. 

Why it's important to purchase photos from reputable stock libraries

Antique cups and saucers
A greeting card company licensed this photo of mine from Getty with the knowledge it had been legally signed off for printing.

If you use stock photos in your work, it’s important to know the differences between commercial stock libraries and free stock libraries.

Commercial stock libraries such as Getty, Arcangel, iStock and Alamy, ensure model and property releases are completed and that images contain no copyright infringements.

That means you’re legally covered when you publish their photos.

Some of the free stock libraries state in the small print of their ‘Terms and Conditions’ that the purchaser is responsible for any legal issues that might arise from publishing their photos. 

This is important to remember when you’re using photos of people and don’t know if they’ve signed model releases for publishing.

Creating portfolios in commercial stock libraries


As a Getty Images contributor I supply photographs to some of the world’s largest companies and book publishers.

On my behalf, Getty has negotiated sales to leading companies such as Apple, Conde Nast, the BBC, Time, Google, Qantas, Lonely Planet, Lancome and Tiffany & Co.

With an extensive portfolio developed over more than a decade, my images are regularly published in magazines, journals, newspapers, books, marketing campaigns  and advertisements all over the world.

You can check out my Getty portfolio via the button below.


I’m also an Arcangel Images photographer. Arcangel is a creative agency with offices in London, New York, Paris and Mijas Pueblo in Spain.

Arcangel represents some of the most creative photographers in the world, and I love being part of their community.

My Arcangel portfolio focuses on images for the international book cover market.  These images are licensed by publishing houses across the world.

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