How Textshop became my dream job

In 2017, after working as a business and academic editor for 13 years, I retired from corporate life and set up my own editorial services business – Textshop. The response was so much more than I had hoped. Within months I was working with universities, government departments and private sector companies to hone and burnish their written content.

I now have the privilege of working daily on a full-time basis with wonderful clients from across the spectrum.

I truly believe that when you deliver exceptional work, you will attract extraordinary clients.

The best rewards come when my clients return to entrust me once again with their content. I can’t tell you how pleased I am when I pick up the phone and hear “Hello Sharon,” from a current client with a new project.

My academic qualifications

I earned my publishing qualifications from the University of Melbourne and University of California, Berkeley. I also have a Master of Education degree from Federation University. All together I have about seven degrees and diplomas that enable me to consult and edit with knowledge and precision.

My academic qualifications are – Master of Editing and Communications, Graduate Diploma of Editing and Communications, Certificate of Indexing: Theory and Application, Master of Education, Bachelor of Education and Diploma of Teaching.

A little more about me

My hands-on experience in publishing is extensive. For the past 13 years I’ve been editing content in educational publishing houses, medical colleges, universities and corporate offices.

My editing career began as a subeditor and within a few years I was working as a senior editor, managing editor and then editorial services manager.

I’ve edited reports, textbooks and postgraduate courses. I’ve managed the editorial processes of medical journals and medical guidelines. As editorial services manager, I managed a team of editors and delivered the best work one of our clients had seen in seven years. I’ve worked closely with medical doctors, lawyers, accountants, marketing managers, communications managers, CEOs and prominent business leaders to deliver guidelines, proposals, annual reports, marketing material, newsletters, journal and magazine articles, white papers, website content, university courses and key documents for stakeholders.

I’ve transformed flagging corporate member magazines into dynamic publications with expanding readerships. As a senior editor, I’ve fixed broken editorial processes while delivering high-quality, error-free educational textbooks.

I was senior editor and project editor on the eighth edition of Australia’s most famous cookbook, Cookery the Australian Way, and watched with excitement as it won a major national publishing award. Since its first edition, the book has sold more than one million copies.

As part of a team of developmental editors, I trained and mentored university professors to write on a complex digital platform that was lauded in The Wall Street Journal as a global success story.

Today the company that pioneered that digital tool, Area9, and the learning style it was based on – known as adaptive learning – has been named one of the top 20 elearning companies in the world.

I care about your work

Why is this relevant? It means I understand where you’re coming from. I get the pressure you’re under. l know what your professional expectations are before you tell me and, most importantly, l deliver polished projects that are far beyond your expectations.

I seriously care about my clients. I don’t just edit content for them, I work hard to ensure they’re pleased with the projects I deliver. That’s because I believe creating content is a collaborative process that works best when we’re all on the same page (pun intended).