• Woman working in florist shop on her laptop writing an awesome blog post.

    How to write an awesome blog post

    You’d love a community of readers.  Thousands of people who bookmark your blog and come back regularly to read your posts. Who…

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    How to do content writing

    Content marketing is a digital marketing approach that focuses on creating original, optimised content for specific online audiences.

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    Which or that: how to choose

    Do you get frustrated trying to work out whether to use which or that?  A lot of people find it confusing, so…

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    What does an editor do?

    Let’s start with a distinction. We’re not talking about magazine or newspaper editors  – the people at the top who are the public…

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    How to make your writing more powerful

    Weak words and phrases decrease the authority of your writing and drive readers away. Make your writing more powerful with these simple tips.