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If you’d like to join my list of happy clients – where you’ll always feel as if you’re my only client – reach out to me via one of the buttons below and I’ll get back to you promptly.



If you’d like me to edit your project, the best time to contact me is during the writing or development stage. This will give you time to ask questions, confirm your timelines, discuss your preferred style, and chat about formatting, project size or anything else that’s on your mind.

That said, if you have an unedited document that needs to be at the printer next week, reach out and I’ll see if I can help.



If you’d like to chat about your content needs, send me an email or message me using one of the buttons below. I’ll get back to you promptly with the information you’re after.

If you’d prefer to chat on the phone we can certainly do that too. Phone me anytime during office hours on the number below.



Relationships work best when the lines of communication are open. I work hard to be accessible and approachable to my clients because I believe it enhances both the quality of the project and our working relationship.

I prefer my clients pick up the phone, or send an email, rather than worry about some aspect of the editorial or publishing process they’re unsure about.

My aim is always to deliver a high-quality project and have a happy client.