If you’d like to chat about your project, or enquire about Textshop’s business and academic editing services, please use the method most convenient to you below.

Email –

Telephone – 0417 148 498

The best time to contact me is during the writing or development phase of a project. This will give you time to ask editorial questions, confirm your timelines, and discuss such things as style, formatting and project size.

That said, if you have an unedited document that needs to be at the printer next week, reach out and I can see if I can help.

The editor–client/writer relationship works best when the lines  of communication are open. I work hard to be accessible and approachable to my clients because I believe it enhances both the quality of the project and our working relationship. I prefer my clients pick up the phone, or shoot off an email, than worry about some aspect of the editorial or publishing process they’re unsure of.