I've researched and written quality original content for hundreds of projects.

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I'm also a qualified editor, which means if I'm writing for you, that added service is free.

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My photos are regularly licensed by world-leading companies. Talk to me about your image needs.

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Full-circle content creation

At Textshop I write your content, conduct a professional edit and then deliver it to you in a ready-to-publish format.

I've written and edited top-quality text for books, websites, blogs, magazines, academic journals and corporate publications.

In addition, I shoot and process custom photos to suit your exact business needs. Whatever resolution or dimensions you require, I deliver!

Some of my clients have pre-written text that they need edited or proofread. I offer this as a stand-alone service, when required. Contact me for my hourly rate.

So there you have it – one, two, three! Expert writing, professional editing and great photography.

Photo of door framed by autumn leaves with a sign 'Your home for great content'.

Experience quality writing without duplicating costs

I worked for more than 13 years in global publishing houses and large corporate offices. Then I dug deep into that experience to develop a way to deliver the high-quality outcomes of in-house publishing without incurring the steep costs of multiple processes.

That is what Textshop delivers. You don't just get a writer, you also get a university-trained and qualified editor. This means you only pay once! That's right. I combine writing and editing into one service.

As a supplier of high-quality photographs to international stock libraries, including Getty Images and Arcangel, my photos have been purchased by world-leading companies including Google, Microsoft, Conde Nast, Tiffany & Co., Oprah.com and Cosco. I'm now shooting quality custom photos for Textshop clients to license as well.

I'd love to talk to you about creating content that will meet the needs of you and your clients.

Reach out to me via the 'Contact me' button.

Sharon Lapkin
Writer, Editor & Photographer